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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is a compilation of frequently asked questions we get from our customers. If you can't find an answer to your question, please let us know and we will get it answered promptly. Submit Question

At Hawk Measurement, we try to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. You have the ability to locate a distributor in your area to purchase through or you are able to purchase directly from us, whichever you prefer. Please note, pricing and delivery times will be the same whichever option you choose.

The majority of our products are extremely easy to install, and you typically don’t need to hire an integrator or electrician. Some wiring may be required upon arrival, but most products and systems are turn-key. If any assistance is required, we are standing by to help. Most questions can be solved by a quick phone call or email.

We do offer commissioning services. Correct commissioning of devices in applications is critical to optimize the plant performance. Units will run without problem from the first day and may be covered by an application guarantee if the device is specified, installed and commissioned in a proper way. To find out more about our application guarantee and commissioning services, please contact our sales department or email

You can find our warranty policy as well as terms and conditions here

Please contact our application specialists to determine which product would work best in your application.

Yes, we do. We offer calibration services to keep your level and flow instrumentation measuring accurately and reliably. To maintain minimal down time and to make sure your operations are running smoothly, regular calibration is essential. HAWK provides a quick turn around with minimal costs associated.

Below is a video of our Sultan Acoustic Wave in a Mining Application. Also, I’m very close to the unit. Remember that the unit has a cone so the sound is directed straight down and therefore you don’t have much sound travelling outside of the beam path. You can see the self-cleaning effect in the video also.
Now the reason for the sound is because the transducer is made up of 2 chunks of metal. It has some piezo crystals wedged between them. So it acts like a church bell for example. The metal part is the bell and the crystals the hammer.
Above is a pic of the internals of the unit. Every time the stored energy is released to the crystals the crystal pulse or deform slightly and that is the hammer effect and that causes the sound.
None of our units will damage anyone’s hearing. These are things that are tested when we design a product. Some people might find it annoying when standing directly in front of the unit, but when does that every happen on site? Also most places make you wear hearing protection…
Some don’t hear certain frequencies and then some like hearing the chirp as they know the unit is working.

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