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Customer Testimonials

What are people saying about HAWK products?

Adam, Midland, TX

“Our family oil and gas exploration and production company has been using Hawk CGR guided wave radar tank level sensors for over six years now, and the devices are highly reliable and accurate.  The setup on the latest version is incredibly simple and fast with the LCD screen and on-device menu navigation buttons—it took less than 10 minutes per device to configure.  The LCD screens with tank level readouts have been extremely helpful as we no longer have to rely on manual tank gauging.  These readouts make it easy for the pumper to monitor tank levels in real time while circulating bottoms off of oil tanks, or otherwise moving fluid from one tank to another.  The low power consumption allows us to run multiple sensors off of solar panels. Technical support has been very responsive and helpful.  We would highly recommend the Hawk CGR tank level sensors to anyone looking for a stable, accurate, and easy-to-use tank level monitoring solution.” -Adam, Midland, TX [Oil & Gas Industry]
Product: Centurion Guided Radar Level Transmitter

Alejandro, Mexico

“I have used HAWK microwave switches for more than 12 years, in transfer chutes as a plugged chute alarm, in load distribution cars as a limit switch and the position of the car. They are very reliable and safe control devices as they withstand the harsh mining environment.” -Alejandro, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: Gladiator Microwave Switch

Saul, Mexico

“Excellent equipment, one of the best purchases that has been made in the Instrumentation Department of our company. Undoubtedly, this sensor has extended the life of the crushers by avoiding overloads due to clogging in the feed chutes.” -Saul, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: Gladiator Remote Amplifier

Jose, Mexico

“HAWK devices have helped us in our process to control and monitor the levels of the water tank and material distribution drawer.” -Jose, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: Sultan Remote Amplifier

Mario, Mexico City, Mexico

“My experience with HAWK has been very good, with its precision it has been possible to take advantage of greater performance in my fuels, and obtain an exact control in consumption, inventory among many other benefits.” -Mario, Mexico City, Mexico [Food Industry]
Product: MiniWave Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Jesus, Mexico

“I use HAWK instruments for detection of blocked chute installed in our crushing area. This equipment has proven to be an excellent option as a protection system method, guaranteeing an effective and useful signal in outdoor installations.” -Jesus, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: Gladiator Remote Amplifier

Jose, Mulatos Mine, Sonora, Mexico

“This is an application of a “Hawk” brand point level sensor in feeding chutes to tertiary breakers in Mulatos Mine in Sonora (Alamos Gold). Since about 2000 I have been using these sensors (in Cananea Sonora) and I think they are the best.” -Jose, Mulatos Mine, Sonora, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: Gladiator Microwave Switch

Elias, Mexico

“One of the HAWK products that we use in our company are these indicators, which help us to know the level of oil in the containers of our systems and thus be able to work with the optimal and safe level of the equipment.” -Elias, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) 

Jose, Mexico

“The HAWK equipment that we have in our plant helps us detect high sludge bed indices and thus prevent damage to separate equipment that helps us to give preventive maintenance to equipment with the data indices obtained through this vital instrument for our process.” -Jose, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: ORCA Bed Level System

Rodolfo, Mexico

“The Hawk level gauges turned out to be an excellent replacement for the ones we originally had in the high temperature oil process. The technician supported us in the correct selection of equipment, so that we only removed the old one and installed the Hawk without any problem.” -Rodolfo, Mexico [Mining Industry]
Product: Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) 


"This is a very accurate level meter, even more because high temperatures are handled without affecting the meter." - Francisco [Mining Industry]
Product: Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) 

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