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Flour Silo Measurement

Application Problems:

  1. The customer had previous problems, where the level transmitters were unstable during filling operations.
  2. The customer had used electro-mechanical level systems, where cables had broken off and gone through the feeder, causing major maintenance cost.
  3. The customer wanted to provide a low cost communications package for the control room PLC’s.
  4. The instruments must conform to dust ignition certification.


  1. The silos were sizes (A) 90 ft (27.5 m) Filling pneumatic
    (B) 50 ft (15 m) Filling Pneumatic The products being measured were corn flour, wheat flour, rice flour, pre-mixes, grains, wheat, rice, oil seeds, canola, rape seed, offal etc. We provided 5 kHz transducers for the taller silos with powders and 10 kHz transducers for the shorter silos.
  2. The transducers were all non-intrusive and maintenance accessible, from the top of the silo. The transducers were self cleaning.
  3. We provided the customer with low cost ModBus communications, to reduce his installation costs. This also provided the client, additional diagnostic information in the control room, such as temperature levels in each silo, as well as levels etc.
  4. We provided all the transducers with full Ex dust ignition certification, to comply with the local code.
  5. The transmitters were mounted in a remote location 2950 ft (900 m) away from the transducers.

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