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Stockpile Level Monitoring

Application Conditions:

Ore can vary from large lump to fines. High dust levels, high winds, rain, high Doppler affect with moving ore. Repose angle of Stockpile will vary with Ore size and moisture content. Ore level can change very quickly in some cases.

Level Technology Choice:

In the minerals and mining industry, effective stockpile level monitoring is essential to maintaining operational efficiency and optimizing resource utilization. For this application, we must use a non-intrusive technology. Both Radar and Acoustic stockpile measurement equipment will work within reason. For high-speed fill rates, the Acoustic transmitter will be the best option, as they can attain a speed of response from 1-00m (3ft) to 50-00m (150ft) in less than 2 seconds. For dry environments, both the radar and acoustic transmitters will work fine to 50m (164ft), even in highly dusty conditions. For wet rainy, high wind, and dusty environments the acoustic transmitter is the best choice, because of the self-cleaning action of the pressure wave effect.

Stockpile Level Monitoring

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