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Midstream Flow Metering Solutions

Making sure your oil and gas moves smoothly and safely through a vast network of pipelines, pumps, reservoirs, tanks, ships, railcars and trucks is a critical and important segment of the oil and gas industry.

This sector – known as midstream – refers to anything related to transporting and storing crude oil and natural gas before they are refined and processed into fuels.

Hawk Measurement helps make all that moving and storing easier by designing, developing, and delivering high-performing, long-lasting flow metering and flow instrumentation products ideal for the demanding challenges of oil and gas storage and transport.

Hawk’s precision midstream flow technology solutions and flow metering equipment provide the most accurate real-time data on the market, allowing you to optimize your operation and ensure the most efficient use of your valuable capital and resources.

Hawk’s midstream flow technology solutions and midstream flow metering equipment are expertly engineered, skillfully crafted and rigidly tested to handle the most extreme midstream environments and provide the superior performance you need for your operation to sustain a steady flow of gas, oil and other fuels.

Providing the product you need

Hawk Measurement manufactures precise, reliable, and durable flow technology solutions and flow metering equipment ideal for fluid identification, leak detection, and flow and level measurement in midstream oil and gas applications:


A unique, clamp-on sensor that detects and identifies liquid interfaces in flowing pipelines. Transmix-ID™ technology is sensitive enough to discern the difference between 87 Octane Gas and JP-8 Fuel as both liquids flow through a pipe.

  • Can fit to any size pipe or container
  • Independently powered
  • Equipped with WiFi, cellular or satellite communications (or any combination)
  • Cloud-based monitoring portal reports issues in real-time to even the most remote areas
  • Allows diversion of little or no product, resulting in vast cost savings

Non-Intrusive Fluid ID and Monitoring Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST)

  • Unique, distinctive technology not available anywhere else
  • Identify liquids and potentially gases inside closed containers, pipes or vessels without coming in contact with the liquid or gas
  • Reduce installation time and costs

Fiber Optic Sensing

Allows for real-time measurements of long assets such as pipelines, conveyors, and fences by monitoring changes that occur in a fiber optic cable affixed to the asset. This revolutionary technology protects assets, equipment, and perimeters.

  • Modular design
  • Can monitor up to 80km (50 miles) in real-time
  • Mitigates environmental impact
  • Prevents material theft

Measure Level and Flow

Use out level and flow technology to monitor bacterial buildup and corrosion at pumping stations, measure flow and friction in pipelines, and levels at storage tanks.


  • Level Transmitters / Sensors
  • Level Switches
  • Sonar Level Interface
  • Magnetic Level Gauge


  • Flow Meters
  • Flow Switches

Supplying the benefits you want

Hawk Measurement’s flow technology solutions and flow metering equipment for midstream oil and gas applications deliver the precision and performance you need at your oil and gas operation:

  • Provide the most accurate information in real-time - receive highly precise data into separator operations
  • Reduce your space needs - our technologies offer flexible, compact designs
  • Decrease downtime and maintenance costs – our durable, reliable technologies handle the most rugged upstream conditions
  • Improve productivity - detect potential adverse situations much faster, resulting in safer, smoother operations
  • Enhance profitability – reduced expenses for maintenance and replacements means a more ore robust bottom line

Delivering the service you deserve

Hawk Measurement Systems is a global leader in level, positioning, asset monitoring and flow measurement technology. For more than three decades, Hawk has provided award-winning and cutting-edge flow metering and monitoring solutions to the world.

Hawk has the experience, the expertise and the equipment to design and develop innovative measurement technology that is extremely reliable and accurate, simple to install, easy to operate and offers maximum efficiency.

Hawk is your perfect flow metering partner.


  • Established in 1988
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Proudly serve USA and Australia markets
  • Manufacture a wide range of products for a wide variety of industries and applications
  • Offer unsurpassed value to customers


  • Winner of numerous, prestigious awards for breakthrough technologies
  • Deliver the most accurate, most precise data on the market
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Can customize metering solutions to meet your exact specifications


  • Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia
  • A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Medina, Ohio.

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