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Coal Fired Power Stations

Application Problems:

The client required reliable monitoring of the following level applications for an automation upgade.

  1. Raw Coal Bunker
  2. Boiler Coal Bunker
  3. Coal on Belt Detector
  4. Shuttle/Discharge Wagon Positioning Control


  1. Raw Coal Bunker: The raw coal bunker was 25 meters (82 ft) high. The level transmitter has to control the shuttle conveyor.
  2. Boiler Coal Bunker: The boiler bunker was 20 meters (65 ft) high. The level transmitter was to control the shuttle conveyer. For application 1 and 2 we provided low frequency 10 kHz loop powered transmitters to overcome dust, rat holing etc.
  3. Coal on Belt Detector: Monitoring coal on the conveyor belt. Range 1-5 meters (5 ft). For application 3 we provided 20 kHz integral transmitter to provide reliable profile height on conveyors.
  4. Shuttle Positioning Transmitter: The maximum range was 50 meters
    (164 ft) for the shuttle conveyor and 195 meters (640 ft) for the coal discharge wagons.
    For application 4 we provided our 20 kHz positioning transmitter and for
    the discharge wagons we provided our 5 kHZ positioning transmitter.

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