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Process Tanks

Application Conditions:

Slurry Splash, froth, foam, condensation, tanks with conical shaped bottom sections.

Level Technology Choice:

We have seen pressure transmitters, Radar Transmitters, Acoustic Transmitters. The density of the slurry varies with the changes in Ore type, so pressure transmitters will always have an error. Build-up of scale over the diaphragm is also a problem. Radar transmitters will be affected by Condensation build-up, because of the Mill slurry temperature being above ambient temperature and the signal will be attenuated by high dielectric froth and foam. The best choice will be a low, 10 kHz or 15 kHz frequency Acoustic Transmitter that will penetrate through highly conductive Froth and Foam, as well as atomizing the condensation from the diaphragm with each pulse. Even in small range applications it is the environment that we must spec the instrument on, not range.
The 15 kHz and the 10 kHz transmitters can be operated on 2 wire comms, Foundation FieldBus and ProfiBus PA.

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