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SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor)

Monitoring Settling Blanket in a SBR (Sequent Batch Reactor)

Application problem
The client had blanket carry-over problems, which affected his EPA licence. The decant range was 0-1500 mm (0-60”)

Wastewater treatment plant
250 megalitre/day (65 million gallons/day

We installed our floating Sonar transmitter, with auto scum cleaner, close to one of seven launders in the tank. During aeration the sonar transmitter, detected a high level blanket in suspension. Once the aeration period had stopped, the blanket settling was detected. Once the blanket had setted 1 m (3.2 ft) below the liquid height, the launders were introduced and decanting started.

Using the ORCA floating sonar stopped carry-over into the launders. Automating the decant phase, based on the blanket settling, increased efficiency and saved time during the settling phase.

Application Condition:

Changing levels due to decanting, high suspended solids and often agitation due to aeration or surface agitation.

Level Technology Choice:

ORCA Sonar Bed Level System

SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor)

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