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Centurion Guided Radar Level Transmitter

Centurion Guided Radar Level Transmitter

The Award-Winning Centurion Guided Radar (CGR) Level Transmitter is ideal for the measurement of liquids, sludge, powders and granules to a range of 38m (124ft) for level and interface measurement. This technology is not affected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, changes in dielectric constant or coating of the probe. HAWK’s CGR won the prestigious Chemical Processing 2021 Vaaleer Awards and Process Instrumentation's Product of the Year Award. HAWK's CGR is the first and only guided wave radar on the market to feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) communications. The advantages to PoE connectivity are secure in-plant and remote monitoring, as well as remote sensor setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting abilities.


Customer Testimonial

“Our family oil and gas exploration and production company has been using Hawk CGR guided wave radar tank level sensors for over six years now, and the devices are highly reliable and accurate.  The setup on the latest version is incredibly simple and fast with the LCD screen and on-device menu navigation buttons—it took less than 10 minutes per device to configure.  The LCD screens with tank-level readouts have been extremely helpful as we no longer have to rely on manual tank gauging.  These readouts make it easy for the pumper to monitor tank levels in real-time while circulating bottoms off of oil tanks, or otherwise moving fluid from one tank to another.  The low power consumption allows us to run multiple sensors off of solar panels. Technical support has been very responsive and helpful.  We would highly recommend the Hawk CGR tank level sensors to anyone looking for a stable, accurate, and easy-to-use tank level monitoring solution.” -Adam, Midland, TX [Oil & Gas Industry]

Principle of Operation

Guided-wave technology sends the radar pulse down a probe to measure either liquids, solids, or a low dielectric to high dielectric Interface level. The pulse hits the surface and/or Interface and is reflected up the probe to the sensor, where the transit time is translated into a distance using time of fight and time expansion. The amplitude of the reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the product.


ATEX Ex II, IECEx, CE, CSA Class 1 Div 1, FM Class 1 Div 1, FM Class II, III Div 1, FM General Purpose, CSA General Purpose


• Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award
• Chemical Processing Vaaler Award
• P.I. Innovation Award Honorable Mention

• Accurate, reliable level measurement up to 124ft
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) communication for safe and reliable monitoring
• Remotely monitor tank levels from a smartphone, tablet, or computer
• Guided Wave Radar (GWR) technology for <1 second response time measurement
• GWR technology is not affected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, changes in dielectric constant, or coating of the probe.
• Real-time tank monitoring from the online portal
• Receive tank alarms and alerts to phone and email
• Ability to accurately measure interface levels
• Accuracy is ±3mm
• Continuous and precise level measurement
• Secure in-plant and remote monitoring
• Remote sensor setup
• Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting abilities


  • Tanks and Silos
  • Vessels
  • Bypass
  • Shaft
  • Basin
  • Stilling Well
  • Sewage Plant
  • Other

Power: 2-wire loop powered, 24VDC (14 to 28VDC), 48VDC PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Accuracy: +/- 3mm
Maximum Range: Up to 38m (124ft)
Measurements per second: 3
Response Time: < 1 second (application dependant)
Communication Options:
• Modbus with Interface Level Measurement
• Modbus with Ethernet and PoE (Power over Ethernet)
• 4-20mA with HART 7
• 4-20mA with HART 7 and Interface Level
• 4-20mA with HART 7 and SIL2

CGR PoE Video
CGR Overview Video
CGR Interface Level Webinar

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