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Gladiator Doppler Microwave Flow Switch

Gladiator Doppler Microwave Flow Switch

The HAWK Gladiator Doppler Microwave flow switch is used in process applications requiring highly reliable non-contact, nonintrusive product flow detection and movement. The system operates by sending out bursts of microwave energy toward the targetproduct being monitored. The target product will reflect some of the microwave energy back to the system where it is processedto determine if the product is flowing or moving.


  • Detection of moving materials or moving objects where the microwave energy will be reflected back to the sensor from the falling material
  • Moving objects, where a switch point or continuous output is required.

Product: GDMR-GDMI

Principle of Operation

The system uses the Doppler principle to determine if the product is moving by monitoring small charges in the reflected signal frequency.When product flow is detected or stops the user set delay period begins and then the relay output is switched for alarm or controlpurposes. The system also has adjustable Sensitivity to compensate for product dielectrics or movement speeds that may partiallyreflect the microwave energy. The relay can be set to either energise or de-energise when product flow is detected. LED indicatorsare provided to indicate flow detection and relay status.

  • State of the art Circular transmission
  • Flow / No Flow detection
  • Speed detection 0.2-20m/s
  • LCD push button setup / diagnostics on remote amplifier
  • Simple sensitivity adjustment and calibration on Integral system
  • Simple ï1-minuteÍ setup application presets

Maximum Operating Pressure: 2 BAR

Operating Voltage:

  • Integral 12-30VDC / Remote 12-30VDC
    (residual ripple no greater than 100mV)
  • Integral 80-260VAC / Remote 90-260VAC 50 / 60Hz.
  • Remote 36-60VDC

Mounting: 3" male NPT thread or four 10mm (0.4") holes in flange, MA12 / MA13 adjustable mounting bracket

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