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HawkUltra Plus Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

HawkUltra Plus Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The HawkUltra Plus HUPT Ultrasonic Level Transmitter provides non-contact level measurement up to 3m (10 ft) and features 3 analog outputs and 2 switches. Precision monitoring for liquid applications, from wastewater to refined chemicals.


  • Agriculture
  • Iron
  • Minerals & Mining
  • Power & Energy
  • Pulp & Paper

Product: HUPT

Principle of Operation

The HawkUltra Plus features built-in analog output modes that are 0-10 VDC, 4-20mA Sinking and 4-20mA Sourcing. The switches are configurable as either "PNP" or "NPN" type (sourcing or sinking).

Each has an adjustable set point, hysteresis, window, initial conditions, ON delay, OFF delay and loss of target response to easily create controls and alarms. The sensor is housed in a chemically inert PVDF sealed housing for durability and long life. The sensor is well suited for a wide range of corrosive, sticky or dirty type media.

  • Unaffected by optical factors like color and transparency
  • Computer (PC) software allows remote adjustment
  • Standard RS-485 Serial Interface
  • Durable housing for long life
  • Threaded at both ends
  • Tank or Vessel

Accuracy: +/- 0.25% of maximum range

Maximum Range: Better than 0.5% of target distance in stable, homogeneous air environment; affected by temperature gradients, target echo strength, speed of sound in vapors.

Operating Temp: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)

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