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Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG)

Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG)

The HAWK Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) is widely applied in the monitoring and process control of liquid level and interface for many industries; such as petroleum, chemical, power, paper, metallurgy, water treatment etc.


  • Boiler
  • Power Generation
  • Coal Chemical
  • Chemical and Petrochemical

Product: MLG

Principle of Operation

Based on the principle of magnetic coupling and buoyancy, the magnetic level gauge provides real-time measurement for level and interface.

HAWK's Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG) is connected to a process vessel. Within the chamber is a float containing a 360° magnetic ring. Outside of the chamber is an indicator equipped with a vacuum glass tube, which contains a bicoloured two-face magnetic bargraph. In response to the level movement, the float moves accordingly, forcing the magnetic bargraph to turn and change color. True liquid level is indicated or "read" from the corresponding point on the measuring scale.

  • Simple modular design, composed a main chamber and a float.
  • Immune to oxidation, corrosion and the effects of dust
  • Maximum pressure rating: ANSI 2500LB
  • Single-chamber
  • Tank or Vessel

Measuring Accuracy: ±0.1" or ±2.54 mm

Process Connection Type: Flange/Thread/Nipple

Pressure Range: 0~6000PSIG (Full Vacuum~42MPa)

Protection Grade: IP68

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