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Process Level Meters & Indicators

Customizable Process Meters

HAWK’s process level meters are unlike any other monitor on the market. Instead of paying for options, you don’t need, you have the ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of features that create a unique monitor to fit your exact needs, resulting in a cost-efficient reliable monitor. Select from features such as cellular, wired or wireless, single or multiple analog inputs, pump control, data logging, field or panel mount, and TCP/IP Ethernet. Every monitor comes standard with RS-485 Modbus communications. Our online cloud-based monitoring software allows you to monitor your application from anywhere in the world. Pair your process monitor with a level transmitter or flow meter to create a complete monitoring solution.

CONNEX 3D CD3D Flexible Process Meter

The CONNEX 3D is a revolutionary concept in the process meter market. Featuring snap-in performance enhancing modules, such as cellular connectivity, analog inputs, or relays, the CONNEX 3D Flexible Process Meter truly provides the unique ability to customize the unit to your exact needs. Think of the modules like Legos, pick and choose from a wide variety of options that plug into your CONNEX 3D to create a unique system to fit your exact needs. Modules can be added at any time, so if you purchase a base model, you have the option to add additional features/modules at a later date. The performance modules include: Integral or Remote Display, Analog Inputs, AC input, TCP/IP Ethernet, USB data logger, Relay and Pump Control, Radio, and Cellular Connectivity and Cloud Portal.

CONNEX 3D CAIM Analog Input Module

The Analog Input/Output Module for the CONNEX 3D Flexible Meter provides the input from a variety of standard analog inputs such as flow, level, pressure, temperature, pH and analytical inputs to standard field instruments and measurements.


The Cellular Module equips your CONNEX 3D Flexible Process Meter with the ability to remotely monitor the application wirelessly through cellular data transmission to a cloud based server. The server can be displayed on any PC, smartphone, tablet, or any device with a web browser.

CONNEX 3D CDDL Data Logger Module

The Data Logger (CDDL) Module for CONNEX 3D Flexible Meter combines high performance and flexible configurations in one easy to use solid-state storage device.

CONNEX 3D CDDM Digital Display Module

The CDDM Digital Display Module for the CONNEX 3D Flexible Meter can be mounted remotely or integral (or both) to the CONNEX 3D process meter enclosure. The bright 6-digit red LED display can be viewed in bright sunlight or the dark of night.

CONNEX 3D CPSM Power Supply Module

The CPSM Power Supply Module for the CONNEX 3D Flexible Meter supplies a highly efficient regulator which generates the power conversion with lower heat dissipation that traditional power supplies.

CONNEX 3D CDRM Radio Module

The CDRM Radio Module for CONNEX 3D Flexible Process Meter is a wireless I/O monitoring solution solving vast numbers of industrial automation challenges using point-to-point radio communications.

CONNEX 3D DXM1 Relay and Pump Module

The DXM1 Relay and Pump Control Module for the CONNEX 3D Flexible Process Meter features a relay setpoint for rate or total capabilities.

CONNEX 3D C485 TCP/IP Ethernet Module

The TCP/IP Ethernet Module for the CONNEX 3D Flexible Meter provides serial server network connectivity for virtually any type of serial device. The TCP/IP serial server supports a wide range of protocols using serial tunneling. This feature enables the CONNEX 3D Process Meter to communicate over TCP/IP as if they were communicating over a serial COM port.

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