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Open Channel Flow Meter

HAWK’s Open Channel Flow Meters

HAWK’s Open Channel flow meters are supplied for effluent flows, gravity-fed sewer lines, stormwater monitoring, clarifier effluent flow, and many other applications. These meters are configured for weirs or flumes. The sophisticated software locates and tracks the correct echo regardless of objects or changes in the liquid surface. Ideal for a variety of applications from water treatment to irrigation.

Sultan Flow Acoustic Wave Open Channel Flow Meter

The Sultan Flow measurement system operates by transmitting an ultrasonic signal from its transducer towards the liquid being monitored. The reflected signal or echo is received by the transducer and processed. The time between transmission of the ultrasonic signal and reception of the echo is measured, and using the speed of sound through air, the distance from the transducer to the liquid level is calculated. Flow through the channel or structure is then calculated from the level measurement and the user entered properties of the channel.

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