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Positive Displacement Flow Meter

HAWK's Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Flow measurement occasionally relies on extreme accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions, and when it does, PDFlo positive displacement flow meters are the right choice. This reliability coupled with a large turndown range offers an affordable replacement for older turbine technology. Beyond their measurement ability, the solid construction and dynamic response of these meters causes them to stand the test of time, even in extreme process conditions.

PDFlo PDSG1 Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meter

The PDFlo PDSG1 Positive Displacement Spur Gear Flow Meters produce good resolution and high accuracy at low flow rates. Flow may be bidirectional without damage to internal parts. Non-intrusive sensors, panel displays and electronic modules can be added to complete this superior value package.

PDFlo PDTX4 Four-Wire Flow Transmitter

The PDFlo PDTX4 is a four-wire, meter mounted digital flow transmitter that is compatible with the PDFlo flow meter. A large, back-lighted LCD graphic display provides an easy to read indication of flow rate or total in user programmable engineering units. The ideal measurement solution for liquid applications, from epoxy paints to brake fluid.

PDFlo PDTX3 Three-Wire Flow Transmitter

The PDFlo PDTX3 Three Wire Flow Transmitter is a microprocessor based signal output, compatible with all PDFlo Flow Meters. The ideal measurement solution for any liquid application, from oil to polyurethane.

PDFlo PDTX2 Two-Wire Flow Transmitter

The PDFlo PDTX2 Two Wire Digital Display Flow Transmitter continuously displays either flow rate or total and is compatible with all PDFlo Flow Meters. The PDTX2 is used in a wide variety of applications where ease of operation and flexibility are required.

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