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Thermal Mass Flow Meter

HAWK's Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Accurate measurement in air conditioning, dust collection, ventilation, energy consumption, potable/non-potable water, acid, oil, gas and other applications can be accomplished by HAWK’s Thermal Mass Flow Meters. These meters are easy to install, and their high-quality construction will withstand industrial use.

CalFlo CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter

The CalFlo CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter represents the logical evolution matching modern microprocessor intelligence with over 30 years of thermal flow expertise. With its patent pending auto-self-calibration, the CalFlo CFTM is the first truly "set-it and forget-it" flow and temperature solution. No need for expensive on-going calibration as CFTM is designed to maintain accuracy for many years

CalFlo CFAF Thermal Mass Air Flow Meter

The CalFlo CFAF Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter provides a wide measurement range up to 164 fps and is available in five different units to ensure the best signal resolution. The ideal solution for gas applications, from air conditioning to energy conservation systems.

CalFlo CFVF1 Thermal Mass Liquid Flow Meter

The CalFlo CFVF Thermal Mass Liquid Flow Meter has an adjustable measuring range, LED indication of flow, and is well suited for pipes up to 16" in diameter. The ideal solution for liquid applications, from sulfuric acid to potable water.

CalFlo CFVF2 Thermal Mass Liquid Flow Meter

The CalFlo CFVF2 Thermal Mass Liquid Flow Meter is ideal for handling aggressive and hard to measure media. Precision measurement for liquid applications, from non-potable water to diluted corrosive liquids.

CalFlo CFAM Thermal Mass Air Flow Meter

The CalFlo CFAM is an inline thermal mass air flow meter that will accurately measure and control a variety of gaseous media. The CalFlo CFAM is ideal for small pipe and low flow applications

CalFlo CFHM Low Flow Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The CalFlo CFHM is a self-contained, thermal mass liquid flow meter that is ideal for measurement and control applications. The CalFlo CFHM is ideal for monitoring low flow rates.

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