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Solar Powered Monitoring System

Sustainable & Renewable Solutions

HAWK’s AccuSolar Solar Powered Level Monitoring System uses WIFI to communicate up to 1,500 feet to a base station computer. The ideal solution for level applications, from minerals and mining to pulp and paper. The Solar Powered System converts light into energy and generates electricity in flow and level measurement applications where electrical power is not accessible, available, or practical. The AccuSolar consists of a Solar Panel, Rechargeable Battery, Solar Charge Controllers, Cables, and Optional Time Delay Circuit Board. The solar panel is constructed with high efficiency polycrystalline solar cells and produces higher output per module than others in its class. The rechargeable sealed lead acid battery has a long-lasting life dependency of 4-5 years. The solar charge controllers connect between the solar panel and the battery and protect the battery from overcharging. Converting sunlight into energy, solar panels are quickly becoming the most cost-efficient way to generate electricity. Solar energy is not only sustainable, but it is always renewable, meaning it will never run out.

Typical applications include:

The possibilities are endless. Add the AccuSolar system to any HAWK product to power application.

AccuSolar Solar Powered Level Monitoring System

HAWK's AccuSolar Solar Powered Level Monitoring System monitors process conditions through wireless WiFi that communicate up to 1,500 feet to a base station PC. The Solar Panel powers the CONNEX 3D Monitor that provides bright, 6-digit LED indication, internal DC power supply for Ultrasonic or GWR transmitter power and advanced communications.

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