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Train Unload Dump Stations

Application Problem:

  1. To measure the coal in the dump station, as the rail wagon unloads, providing a stable and reliable output signal under all environmental conditions, with no cleaning requirement.
  2. To provide a backup non intrusive, low level and high level switch, in the train dump station.


  1. Hawk has provided many Acoustic Wave level transmitters, for applications to control automatically, train unload stations. Low frequency Sultan transducers are used to monitor under all environmental conditions, wet coal, dry coal, dust, noise, fast filling etc. The 10 kHz transducer selected has a maximum range of greater than 50 m (165 ft) and will cover adequately all changes in the bin automatically. The level measurement will remain stable during overfill conditions. The output will remain high until the level returns to the normal range. Because the power pulse of the 10 kHz is high, it is self cleaning. The focalizer cone is made from flexible polyurethane and is designed for this service.
  2. Hawk has also provided microwave, low level and high level, non intrusive fail safe switches, that look into the bin through ceramic or polymer windows. The low level microwave switch, provides an absolute guarantee to shut the feeders off on low level to protect them. The high level switches, would provide a guaranteed high signal, to slow the train crawl speed during unloading. The Hawk microwaves have a maximum range of 100 m (330 ft) a failsafe test feature on the microwaves is available.

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