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Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions

About Our Systems

HAWK’s Fiber Optic Sensing technology allows for real-time measurements of long assets such as pipelines, conveyors, and fences by monitoring changes that occur in a fiber optic cable affixed to the asset. This revolutionary technology has the ability to protect assets, equipment, and perimeters. HAWK’s Fiber Optic System is modular in design and can monitor up to 80km (50mi) in real-time 24/7. This type of intelligent monitoring is critical to operating efficiently and protecting valuable assets.

The Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing System has the capability to monitor conveyor health, pipeline leak detection, monitor ground disturbances, identify manual and machine excavation, vehicle movement, hot tapping both above and underground, perimeter security monitoring, and rail network health. Rather than traditional point instruments, the Fiber Optic Sensing System is distributed alongside the equipment, thereby the entire cable is able to sense disturbances to the application. The intuitive Fiber Optic System can sense sound (acoustics and vibration), acting as a hypersensitive microphone at every point in the fiber, listening for potential problems. It can also sense temperature, acting as a thermometer to detect heat or thermocouple at every point along with the fiber, feeling for potential problems. The Fiber Optic System can also sense strain, detecting tiny changes in stress and strain in the application therefore predicting breakages and failures before they have a chance to occur.


The Fiber Optic Sensing System uses a combination of Rayleigh backscatter and time of flight technology to determine the presence, location, intensity and frequency of vibrations along an optical fiber in real time. The Fiber Optic Sensing System can be operated directly or connected to an existing Control System such as a SCADA. The Fiber Optic System can provide alarm notifications (red, amber, and green) depending on the condition of the components. Reporting and alarms can be sent to smart phones, tablets and computers via SMS and email alerts. The report includes the location of an alarm, the alarm classification, its longitude and latitude, the alarm intensity as well as the time and date.


HAWK's Fiber Optic Sensing Systems

Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing Conveyor Health Monitoring System

The Praetorian Conveyor Health Monitoring System (CHMS) is a plant & site wide single solution for detecting when critical parts of the idler are beginning to fail. The early detection warnings allow operators to control down time and avoid catastrophic costly unplanned shutdowns. HAWKÍs Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing detects abnormalities in conveyor idler performance that other technologies cannot.

Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing for Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection

The Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing System can be installed on a buried or unburied pipeline and can immediately detect pipeline leakage, ground disturbances, manual and machine excavation, theft, hot tapping and vehicle movement. The Fiber Optic System continually monitors large spans of pipeline, looking for vibration and temperature changes. Once a detection occurs, the system alerts the operator or security personal to the exact location of disturbance in the pipeline. This type of real-time intelligent monitoring is critical to operating efficiently and protecting valuable assets.

Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing for Perimeter Security and Threat Detection

The Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing System can be installed along a fence or perimeter and can detect, identify and report any movements. This system has limitless applications and can be installed on anything from explosive storage areas to farms and ranches. The fast processing speed and pulse rate allow the Fiber Optic System to detect minute interferences that may otherwise go unnoticed. Some examples of detectable activates include intruder movement along a perimeter, intruders cutting or climbing a fence, vehicle movement along a perimeter and digging, excavating or trenching. The Fiber Optic Sensing system is crucial for keeping valuable assets secure and protected.

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