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Screens – Blocked Chute Protection

Application Conditions:

Water spray, build-up, large lump to fines, sometimes sticky material.

Level Technology Choice:

In the past, we have seen Admittance Switches, Tilt Switches, Microwave Switch and Vibration Switch used. All of these technologies have had some success, depending on the degree of difficulty. The biggest problem faced in these mining and minerals operations is build-up and water spray environments. The Admittance Probe will suffer too much conductive build-up. The Vibration Switch is susceptible to mechanical damage to the vibrating element. The microwave switch works well, as long as the build-up is not too wet. The Tilt Switch suffers from build-up and is not failsafe in its operation. HAWK has developed an Acoustic sender/receiver switch to overcome build-up and water. By using a lower frequency sender transducer/receiver transducer, mounted opposite each other, like a microwave switch pair, each sensor will automatically clean the diaphragm from build-up and condensation with each pulse. Applications where the build-up is highly conductive like coal fines are especially suited for this type of Acoustic Switch. The Gladiator Acoustic switch can be remotely tested for operation continuity and is fully failsafe. It can also be used with communications Foundation FieldBus and ProfiBus PA. For blocked chute applications with high wear requirements, we offer as an option, diaphragms made from Titanium, for greater wear resistance


Blocked Chute Protection

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